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Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst Unna, Unna


Raika Dittmann (DE) | Karen Fritz (DE) | Malika Hagemann (DZ) | Katharina Hamp (DE) | Behnaz Hasani (IR) | Daniel Hausig (CH) | Seokjin Hong (KR) | Philipp Kaminski (DE) | Jumi Kim (KR) | Isabelle Kirsch (DE)| Siwei Li (CN) | Martine Marx (LU) | Nane Neu (DE) | Sarah Niecke (DE) | Larissa Peters (DE) | Bahzad Sulaiman (SY) | Ingo Wendt (DE)

For the second time, artists who have a connection to the Saarbrücken University of Fine Arts (HBKsaar) and the Light Art Centre come together to explore and stage the underground exhibition spaces in the context of their historical industrial architecture. The focal point of the exhibition is the versatility and complexity of light as a medium and as a material. The 18 sculptural installations of SWITCH II are backlit, illuminated, projected, self-illuminated, scattered, filtered, split, allowed to grow, illuminated, controlled and composed.
SWITCH II can be visited as a virtual tour from May 16.

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