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INVENTORY – Is there still museum in the basement?

Das Kunstmuseum erfasst die städtische Sammlung

Kunstmuseum Bochum, Bochum

© Heinrich Holtgreve, Kunstmuseum Bochum

More than 8000 objects can be found in the collections of the Kunstmuseum Bochum. From the artworks to the furniture and other beautiful or bulky things that have accumulated in the depots over the years, the collection knows many faces. The existence of this collection is due to the preferences, social circumstances and coincidences of the past decades.
From the end of October, we will be offering an extraordinary look behind the scenes: for the inventory, the works of art temporarily leave their depots to spread out in the spacious exhibition rooms on the first floor of the museum. Here, over the next five months, we as a museum team will take on these objects, search for their names, origins and meanings, and try to establish new connections and relationships between them. There will certainly be more stories to tell than the various voices of the museum team can provide. Therefore, we would like to invite you to come by and, if you feel like it, to join in the storytelling.

We will celebrate the kick-off together on Halloween on Monday, 31.10.2022 from 7 pm under the motto "The horror of the collection": costume party with concerts, walk-throughs and a talk about the essence of collecting and decluttering.

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