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The Murmuring of the Collection

Drwaing and Print Part 1

Kunstmuseum Bochum, Bochum

06. May 2022 19:00

When works from the museum collection are brought together, when and how do they communicate with each other and with visitors? That is the central question of this two-part exhibition, which deals with the graphic collection of the Kunstmuseum. Both parts of the exhibition have their own
profile and focal points. The first part runs from early May to mid-June. On June 25th, our annual summer party will inaugurate the second part, which will be shown in the museum’s large exhibition rooms until the end of August. As an integral part of the exhibition, selected artists are invited to intervene in the presentation and the museum architecture.
Deputy director Sepp Hiekisch-Picard, who is familiar with the museum’s collection, and director Noor Mertens, who is still getting to know it, have made a selection from the inventory of drawings and graphics that will be presented in various clusters. The works are grouped art-historically, thematically, associatively or monographically. Without prescribing an overarching narrative, works
meet in new constellations. With “The Murmuring of the Collection”, we want to present different perspectives on this undervalued part of the museum’s collection and offer contexts that encourage the discovery of new connections and resonances between the works.

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