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Christian Odzuck - A piece of marl

Skulpturenmuseum Marl - Martin-Luther-King-Schule (Marl-Hüls) , Marl

© VG-Bildkunst Bonn 2022
30. April 2022 15:00

With the exhibition "Christian Odzuck - A piece of marl", the Skulpturenmuseum re-opens after almost four months of relocating and is finally starting its program at its new location in Marl-Hüls. For the first exhibition, the Essen-based artist Christian Odzuck transformed the three original classrooms into a laboratory exhibition, specially developed for the location. Not only is the museum trying out new forms of exhibition architecture at the schoolyard of the Martin-Luther-King-Gesamtschule, Christian Odzuck is also experimenting with new forms of sculptural form and structure. For the first time, he reveals the processes involved in the creation of his sculptural works and gives visitors an insight into his work process.

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