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Body & Soul. Thinking, Feeling, Brushing Teeth

New collection presentation

Museum Ostwall in the Dortmunder U, Dortmund

Design © KoeperHerfurth
07. February 2020 18:30

From 7 February 2020, the Museum Ostwall will present its new collection under the title “Body & Soul. Thinking, Feeling, Brushing Teeth” after extensive renovations of both museum floors. Then Fernand Léger’s classical modernist dancers will have to compete with photographs of break dancers by Andreas Langfeld; the landscape scenes by expressionists, which were shaped by the painters’ own emotional experience, will encourage visitors to expose their own repressed feelings in Wolf Vostell’s installation “Digging”.

What defines our body? What does it need to exist and to function? When do we feel comfortable in our bodies? These are questions that one can explore when entering the exhibition on the fifth floor. Respectively, the video installation “Exchange Fields” by Bill Seaman invites visitors to interact with their own bodies. On the fourth floor we enter the realm of the soul: How do we perceive ourselves and our surroundings? What do we love and what are we afraid of? What do we believe in today?

As previously, this new exhibition concept by the MO is again concerned with issues of the everyday, which is relatable to each visitor through his/her own daily experiences. In this way, the museum becomes accessible to the realm of experience of the visitors and invites them to discover connections between their own lives and the art.

However, visitors can not only look forward to the display of new artworks, but the exhibition floors equally put on a new complexion. In cooperation with the design team SODA, the MO at the U has developed a new floor plan and interior design providing spacious rooms, a more visitor-friendly guidance system and a new color concept. The “Flux Inn” will become the central space of linkage between the two exhibition floors. It will offer opportunities to become artistically active, to take a chill out in a hammock or to browse through books concerning the exhibition. A large newly designed and well-equipped classroom and KunstAktionsRaum, located within the exhibition space, will enable school classes, individual visitors or seminars to creatively relate their own works to the displayed pieces. At the central front window on level four at the staircase, one of the masterpieces of the respective exhibition will already hint at what awaits visitors inside in the museum.

Fortunately, admission to the collection of the Museum Ostwall is free, since there is so much to experience!

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