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Ruhr Kunst Urban

Museum Finds City

Following the project ‘RuhrKunstNachbarn’ (2017–2019), ‘RuhrKunstUrban – Museum Finds City’ is the next project funded by the Stiftung Mercator. The educational program aims to raise awareness around the student’s urban environment. Together with the students, the goal is to create a publicly visible project within the respective urban space of the 21 RuhrKunstMuseen. Dealing with the diversity of urban spaces holds great potential in terms of content and offers a valuable setting for the artistic process with young people.

In a variety of workshops, students get to know the different tasks of the museum. They will deal with the collection and works of 21 RuhrKunstMuseen, and design their own exhibitions and interventions. The art mediators work with students of all ages and types of schools, as well as “third places”. A “third place” can be a communitycenter, a library or a theatre, but also an animal enclosure or police sports club. These locations are being used as a part of the RuhrKunstUrban project and can be seen as an extension of the museum itself, an atelier or exhibition room depending on the individual qualities of the settings. The final results of the project will be open to the public, which is implemented together with the students.

The requirements of the school and city education partners are actively included, as it is desirable to maintain long term partnerships. The goal is to incorporate locations that are embedded in existing urban structures, to establish them for cultural-educational work, and to link them to the work of the museum as cooperation partners.

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